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At Redbrick, we dedicate ourselves to provide you with only the best of the best. We use premium “A” grade vegetable tan leather to manufacture our wallets. Our wallets are not any run of the mill products. Every wallet that we create is tested for its quality to make sure it stands out of the crowd.

The leather used to manufacture our wallets is carefully inspected to meet all the specified standards and guidelines. Every single characteristic that you see in our finished product reveals the usage of natural leather in its creation. We only use genuine and natural products and do not believe in using artificial leather or any other cheap leather substitutes. Moreover, during our manufacturing process, no artificial chemicals are used in order to enhance the smell of leather. What you smell after opening every Redbrick wallet case is the unadulterated smell of leather that is used to compose every luxurious piece of our wallets.

With this, we genuinely hope that you cherish every Redbrick product. We hope you enjoy our products in the same way as we immersed ourselves with the utmost passion to create our products right from the beginning to the very end.

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