Types of Wallets – What is Your Best Choice

Types of Wallets – What is Your Best Choice

July 01, 2017


Wallets are an essential daily accessory. From kids to corporate professionals, almost everybody carries a wallet of some kind. Just like everything else, wallet functions and designs have evolved over time. It is good because people can now choose a design that suits their personality best. Many people many keep more than one type of wallet at hand for different occasions. For example, you don’t want to ruin the sleek cuts of your three piece suit with the outline of bulky wallet.

The crux of the situation remains. You can hardly walk out of your house without a wallet. A wallet is a not just an accessory but a functional tool to carry around. It not only secures your money but people are used to carrying more than a couple of credit or debit cards in their pocket now. Given the different types of wallets, you can now choose to carry only cash, only cards, or both.

In the following post, we have outlined the various types of wallet designs available today. Each wallet design has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, it provides you with a variety to choose from so you can match with personality and occasion.

The Leather Wallets

Leather has always been classy material when it comes to wallets. Most men choose to buy a leather wallet as they are universal for matching any occasion and wardrobe. The leather is also durable so buying one time will last you a couple of years; or more depending on how you use it. However, it is suggested to have a good eye so you don’t get fooled by fake leather. Nowadays, brands are also manufacturing faux leather products. The material gives a very close to leather look but is obviously not that expensive or durable.

In terms of functionality, leather wallets serve multiple purposes. You can hold bank notes, cards, and even IDs in them. Some of them conveniently feature coins pocket as well. You can easily find sleek and slim designs but with so much stuff, they are bound to become heavy and bulky.

The Card Holders

A card holder, as the name suggests, is simply for holding cards. For this reason, they are quite slim and can easily fit into skinny jeans. Due to their sleekness and being basically just card holders, they don’t form an annoying bulk when inside the pocket. If you are looking for card holders that can hold a few cash notes, then you can find them as well.

The Money Clips

Money clips have been in use for years. People often get customized a money clip. They will get their initials printed on them or probably a logo of their business brand. A money clip is the most compact wallet you can find. They are basically just clips that will neatly and securely hold your cash. They can be easily carried in pockets or put into carry-on pouches. If you are person with minimalist needs, then money clip is what you need to access your daily cash count.

The 2 in 1 Wallets

If you are travelling and need your cash, cards, and IDs in one place for instant access, you can choose a 2 in 1 wallet. They are a combination of card holder, basic cash wallet, and often feature a detachable money clip. They tend to be as slim as possible. However, this should not worry you if you are traveling with carry-on bag. But you can keep a 2 in 1 wallet in your pocket at all times given its mostly sleek design.

The Bifold and Trifold Wallets

They are similar to what we discussed in leather wallet option. However, you can find both bifold and trifold in multiple materials. The bifold is like a basic flip wallet. The trifold, on the other hand, is a flip as well but contains an additional panel.  Both designs are classic and have been in use for ages. Given modern lifestyles, manufacturers are trying to produce slimmer versions. It is often possible using certain materials and applying intelligent engineering to make the design more compact.

The Checkbook Wallets

Also known as the breast pocket wallet, the checkbook wallet is the size of a checkbook; as the name suggests. The checkbook wallet is great for travel purposes, especially if you are traveling to a foreign country. It allows you to conveniently keep different currencies. Furthermore, if you have an organized and perfectionist personality, the checkbook wallet is going to be quite helpful.

How to Choose the Perfect Type for You?

The type of wallet you should use depends on multiple factors. For example, how long you plan to use the wallet, what occasion you will be carrying the wallet, or what are your daily needs. The size and design of the wallet can impact how effective a certain type of wallet is for you.

Evaluate your personality to identify a certain design can match your needs on most occasions. It is always better to buy a wallet that can be used almost everywhere. Remember that rare occasions can always be entertained with buying a special wallet.

Next, you need to determine what kind of wallet needs you have. If you are a cash only person, then you should probably invest in keeping a money clip. On the other hand, a card holder is perfect if you don’t like using cash at all. If you think you can compromise on a bulk but will like to have access to sufficient cash, your credit and debit cards, and important IDs at all times, then you should be good with a proper wallet.

For many people, a wallet is just a wallet; something to secure your money. However, when you get to using your bought wallet on a daily basis, you will notice thinks like how easily or quickly you can take the wallet out from the pocket or how bulky and heavy it feels. Next time, consider this information when buying the best wallet for you.

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